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The Pays Graylois has a working population of 18,250. The main benefit of the 7.3% increase recorded since 1990 is to be seen in the Southern part of the region. The Leading external employment centre is the Besançon conurbation, well ahead of Vesoul and Dijon.

There has been a slight increase in the number of businesses. Industry is holding its own despite a reduction, and is the leading job provider in the commercial sector. Two sectors structured around small firms predominate, but do not really offer a sector-based specialisation :

  • metal-working,

  • the manufacture of electrical machines, appliances and equipment.

Despite a slight increase, services are still under-represented in the region. On the other hand, there is an attractive number of shops.

Despite large numbers, there has been a worrying fall in the number of small, self-employed firms in the last 5 years.

The public sector, particularly the hospital and schools, is concentrated in Gray.

Despite a significant drop in the number of farms, agriculture still carries considerable weight in terms of jobs (nearly 10%). Farms are now increasingly merging. Though farming is technically and economically biased towards "Major crops and herbivores", the "Cereals and oilseed" sector has overtaking that of "Cattle and milk".

In terms of development, the Pays Graylois has seen little construction for economic purposes.

Source : Pays Graylois sustainable development charter
Cabinet IAD - Feb. 2003

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